Particular Software

Full original credit has to go to the people at Particular Software, without whom this project would not have been possible. They originally created the GitHubReleaseNotes project, which GitReleaseManager is based on, and draws a lot of inspiration from.

Where GitHubReleaseNotes uses a set of fixed configuration, based on Particular's internal usage requirements, GitReleaseManager attempts to be fully configurable, so that the end user can decide what should be done when creating and exporting Release Notes on GitHub. Huge thanks to the people at Particular for their support in helping me create this project. For more information about what has changed between GitHubReleaseNotes and GitReleaseManager, see this issue.

In addition, a large thank you has to go to again Particular Software and the contributors behind the GitVersion Project. GitReleaseManager draws on the work done in that project in terms of initializing and using a YAML configuration file to allow setting of configuration properties at run-time.