Label Aliases

When there are more than one issue associated with a particular label, GitReleaseManager will attempt to pluralize the label name. For example, Bugs instead of Bug. However, there are times when this basic pluralization will not work. For example, Documentation will be pluralized as Documentations which doesn't really make sense. In these situations, it is possible to override the automatic title.

This is possible for both the singular and plural cases.

Here is an example of how to configure two label aliases. The title Foo will be used instead of Bug, and Baz instead of Improvement. If each label contains more than one feature, Bar and Qux will be used instead in the release notes.

    - name:    Bug
      header:  Foo
      plural:  Bar

    - name:    Improvement
      header:  Baz
      plural:  Qux


You can add as many label aliases as required.