Example of Create Configuration

When creating a release, it is possible to control the look and feel of the release notes, using settings within the GitReleaseManager.yaml file.

Out of the box, GitReleaseManager creates a simple list of Issues included within a milestone, split into the labels that have been configured. However, it is possible to include additional information in the form of a footer, which provides additional information, for example, where an installation of the release can be located.

Take for example the GitReleaseManager.yaml file which is used by the ChocolateyGUI project:

  include-footer: true
  footer-heading: Where to get it
  footer-content: You can download this release from [chocolatey.org](https://chocolatey.org/packages/chocolateyGUI/{milestone})
  footer-includes-milestone: true
  milestone-replace-text: '{milestone}'

This would result in the following release notes being generated:

Example Release Notes


The generated URL for the link to Chocolatey.org includes the milestone number. The complete URL is https://chocolatey.org/packages/chocolateyGUI/0.13.1. This was achieved by using a regular expression replacement of the [footer-content](default-configuration.md), using the [milestone-replace-text](default-configuration.md) property as the text to replace with the actual milestone. This approach can be used for any project, this example simply shows what is done in the ChocolateyGUI project.